How To Create RoyalQ Account


Here is the best tutorial about how to create RoyalQ account with easy steps.

Open this link

-Email: Just your own email

-Verification Code: Just click send verification code to your email, then check and copy and paste it

-Login Password: Create your new password to loin with RoyalQ

-Confirm Password: Put your password again

-Invitation Code: Put this code: 7VG4C

Then click Register, Done.

Now let you open your smart phone, If you are using Android, please to to Playstore, search Royal Q and install it.

If you are using Iphones or Ipaids, please go to Appstore, search Royal Q Community and install it
Now you can login to your RoyalQ Account using the account detail you registered above.
Thank you!

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  1. To create your own RoyalQ account, open this link:

  2. Your IOS app not working properly i am trying from long time to open my account but suddenly the app got disconnected and closed..please check

  3. Nunca me envia el código de verificación para enlazar las API